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Scotland Medieval Fiefdom

Scottish Independence should include the return of the Crown Estate to Scotland. Most of the estates are playgrounds for wealthy outsiders. Scotland needs a Constitution that protects its people from their leader’s financial interests.

  • The Crown Estate’s energy and infrastructure portfolio includes managing the seabed out to the 12 nautical mile territorial limit. ??
  • The body has the right (given by whom?) to explore and utilise the resources of the UK Continental Shelf, apart from oil, gas and coal.
  • It has the right to license renewable energy in the form of offshore wind, wave and tidal power. What?
  • Its rural and coastal portfolio covers about half of Scotland’s foreshore, where it manages about 800 aquaculture leases and 5,000 moorings. eh?
  • It also controls 42,000 hectares of rural Scotland, including the Glenlivet, Fochabers, Applegirth, Stirling and Whitehill estates. what the fuck?
  • 140 Scottish river salmon fishing locations. Medieval Fiefdom

Over the past 5 years the Crown Estate has been selling off Scotland, “The Crown Estate is a significant landowner and rural landlord in Scotland “. However, it is still an anomaly that – post-devolution – the Crown Estate commissioners are not accountable to Scotland’s communities. “I have met with Highlands and Islands local authorities and know they believe Scotland is missing out on revenue and income generated from our seabed. Importantly, the Crown Estate is the only public body that currently stands to accrue a direct benefit from offshore development and our massive offshore renewable potential.

Do whale carcasses beached on Crown Estate foreshore belong to The Crown Estate?

No. Whales, amongst other species, are part of what is known as ‘Royal fish‘, and when beached, theoretically The Queen can claim ownership. In practice however, is it dealt with by a government or local agency, dependent on the location of the whale.

Since the late 1980’s the Crown Estate have also supported a policy of conservation by retaining coastal netting stations in hand and un-let, in order to preserve fishing on game estates and prevent poor people from fishing for food. Scottish people starve while their resources are harvested.