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How NSA Targets Italy: SCS/TAO Embassy Spying on Leaders and Bulk Phone Collection of Citizens



Glenn Greenwald/Stefania Maurizi/L’Espresso:

A special unit operating under cover and protected by diplomatic immunity, assigned to a very sensitive mission: to spy on the communication of the Italian leadership. That is what top secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden and published in Italy exclusively by l’Espresso in collaboration with “la Repubblica” reveal. A file mentions the “Special Collection Service ” (SCS) sites in Rome and in Milan, the very same service which, according to the German weekly “Der Spiegel “, spied on the mobile phone of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. “Special Collection Sites”, reads the file published today by l’Espresso, “provide considerable perishable intelligence on leadership communications largely facilitated by site presence within a national capital”.

These documents are very important because they contradict recent statements by the Italian Prime Minister reassuring the Italian Parliament. Speaking to the Chamber of Deputies four weeks…

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