This is a passage from ‘In The “Heart of Darkness” by Nigerian Olu Oguibe, it has significance here as Nigeria is a former British Colony and displays certain parallels with current colonisation of Scotland and the invented history and traditions.

“Prehistory. History. Post History. It is evidence of the arrogance of occidental culture and discourse that even the concept of history should be turned into a colony whose borders, validities, structures and configurations, even life tenure are solely and entirely decided by the West. This way history is constructed as a validating privilege which it is the West’s to grant, like United nations recognition, to sections, nations, moments, discourses, cultures, phenomena, realities, peoples. In the past fifty years, as occidental individualism grew with industrial hyperreality, it has indeed become more and more the privilege of individual discourse and schools of thought to grant, deny, concede, and retract the right to history. Time and history are no longer given. indeed history is to be distinguished from History, and the latter reserved for free market civilisation, which , depending on the school of thought, would either die or triumph with it. ”

excerpt from  The Culture Game By Olu Oguibe 1964


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